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La Scoperta di una Dea

di Valentina Airesis Minoglio

(in collaborazione con Le Intagliatrici del Legno)


“What you seek is seeking you.” “If we look at the process of the incarnation of a godhead in psychological terms, then it is the mirror effect of a realization by man, or the archetypal background of a psychological realization. We think generally of modern man having an ego, then a threshold of consciousness, with the unconscious below. In dreams we distinguish the personal unconscious from a structure underneath (that which we call the collective unconscious), the energetic nuclei of which would be the archetypes. Normal man has no idea of this reality and experiences it therefore in projection. Through modern Jungian analysis one has begun to discover this substructure of the human psyche and to see that the motivations behind our fate stem from there, and, coming through the filter of the personal unconscious, modify and influence consciousness. In the analytical process we use the word integration for what happens, meaning that the ego relates to these contents, has an Auseinandersetzung, a confrontation, with them, recognizing them as the deeper part of its own psychic substructure. Now, what happens, actually, if you take a mirrored, symmetrical standpoint and look at the thing from the side of the archetypes ? The archetypes are the gods of polytheistic paganism. The Greek gods are the archetypes in the collective Greek psyche. What happens to the gods if this process of integration takes place ? A relationship is never only a one-way thing, so the gods get pulled into the human realm and, in the countermovement, the ego expands its conscious awareness. That is the process of the incarnation of a god. Actually, the beginning of this process is not here. We very often see in the impulse toward individuation and integration [that] it is the god who wants to incarnate. Only secondarily is the ego touched and pulled into the process. This explains why initial dreams in analysis frequently are not that the ego meets divine figures, but that the god has decided to incarnate. The ego has no idea of this but is looking somewhere else, has had money or marital troubles, and does not know yet what is being played out on the other side. Very often the creative initiative of the process of individuation comes from the other side [i.e. from the archetypal background within the unconscious].” ―Marie-Louise von Franz

Accade così, apparentemente per caso. O per la legge della serendipità. O per magia. O grazie a un sogno, appunto. O ancora grazie alla lettura di parole illuminanti (in questo caso sicuramente The Inner Mysteries di Janet Farrar e Gavin Bone). Stai facendo ricerche su antiche divinità della tua terra, ricerche spirituali (letture, studi, viaggi sciamanici, rituali, meditazioni) quando all’improvviso un nome appare, viene sussurrato lieve. Non la Vedi ancora, ma decidi insieme ai tuoi compagni di ricerca di seguire l’istinto e di approfondire. Arriva a quel punto una fase sorprendente, meravigliosa nel senso che lascia a bocca aperta dallo stupore pieno di incanto e gratitudine, in cui le coincidenze, o sincronicità, si moltiplicano. È una fase pericolosa, anche: tutto sembra “tornare”, vedi “segni” ovunque e sembri un po’ invasato. Tutto, o moltissimo, sembra ricondurre a Lei, a quella Dea. Continua la lettura di La Scoperta di una Dea